Kukui oil

Jun 12, 2014

Kukui Oil has been used by Hawaiians for centuries to keep skin soft and smooth. Traditionally, newborn babies were bathed in the oil as a means of protection from the harsh sun, drying winds and salt water.

This treasured health and beauty secret is still produced today in the same...

  • Tamanu oil

    The Tamanu Tree is native to countries of the South Pacific. The rich oil, which is pressed from the dried kernels, has been used by Pacific Islanders for...

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  • Squalane

    Squalane is an odourless, colourless, non-greasy oil derived from olives. Our body produces a small amount of Squalane but this diminishes when we get older, starting in our...

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  • Shea butter

    Shea Butter has natural antioxidant properties and is said to contain a small quantity of Allantoin which is renowned for its healing qualities. It is also said to...

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  • Papaya extract

    Our skin is constantly shedding dead and damaged cells so new and healthy ones can take over. As we age, this process slows down and the accumulated layers...

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  • Monoi

    Authentic Tahitian Monoi is made from soaking the petals of Gardenia (Tiare) flowers in Coconut Oil. Monoi is widely used among French Polynesians to keep skin and hair...

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  • Mango butter

    Mango butter melts at skin temperature, is highly moisturising and is a great source of essential fatty acids.

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  • Macadamia oil

    The fatty acid composition of Macadamia Oil is close to that of sebum, which makes it very gentle to the skin. Believed to be the best vegetable source...

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  • Glycerin

    Vegetable Glycerin has been used in cosmetics and body care products for centuries to assist in retaining moisture and helping to pull oxygen into the skin. It is...

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  • Cocoa butter

    The Cacao tree can be found growing in tropical regions throughout the world. The fruits yield cocoa butter, a tan coloured butter with a pleasant chocolate-like odour and...

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