• Connock London Kukui Oil Collection

    After just over 2 years in development, the Connock London Kukui Oil Collection was finally ready to show the British beauty press today at Claridges hotel in London!

    This was a long awaited moment that left me brimming with excitement (and just a few nerves!) but I am so pleased to say that the range was very well received by all who attended, especially the Soothing Bath Oil - the design of the bottle is very popular - and the Soaps because they release such a strong fragrance.

    My father taught me a lot about Kukui Oil. When I was a child, we travelled to Hawaii as a family. Dad took me with him to watch the whole production process of Kukui Oil: first the nuts were harvested from wild grown trees in the mountains, then they were shelled and the kernels pressed to extract the oil, and finally the oil was refined and packaged in our friend's factory. Over the past few years I have been experimenting to see how best to use Kukui Oil in skincare and, together with our chemist, I came up with formulations that include other plant oils and ingredients to complement the moisturising and softening effects of Kukui. It was a privilege to be able to share this information with the journalists today.

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