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How to Run the Perfect Bath with Connock London

How to Run the Perfect Bath with Connock London

Ok so a warm bath in the depths of summer may seem like an absurd idea, however you wouldn’t think twice if the view was over your private decking looking out at the Hawaiian coast or Indian Ocean? A soothing soak is good for the body yet also the mind, and as our lives have become busier than ever, it’s time to prioritise some ‘me’ time, Connock style!

Connock London’s fragrant collection is built around using high quality ingredients and heavenly scents to soothe the body and celebrate the impact fragrance has on our lives. It’s not often many can find the opportunity to switch off, therefore I invite you to give it a try. Here are my recommendations on how to run the perfect bath, using our gorgeous collection…

Scent the Scene

Light a candle 20-30 minutes before you get in the bath. Our Kukui Oil Candle will fill the room with the relaxing scents of Gardenia, Jasmine, Rose and more, transporting you to sunnier skies and creating warmth in the room. Dim the lights to create that ambient, cosy feeling. The eye will be drawn to the flickering flame of your candle reflecting off the bubbles in the bath.

Switch Off

Resist the temptation to bring your phone into the bathroom. Digital noise contributes to a lot of our worries and woes and in an ordinary day escapism from technology is near on impossible, so enjoy these moments and keep it at bay.

The Process

When running your bath, set the temperature from the get-go and add your bubbles where the water stream hits the tub. Don’t let the temperature exceed 37C, however tempting it may be. Very hot baths will not only irritate your skin but also dry it out and the aim here is to soothe your mind, soul and body. Bring your towels and robe into the room so they’re ready for when you get out, keeping your body warm and relaxed.

Chimes of Choice

Silence is soothing yet so is the sound of nature. Listen to the chirping songbird, breaking waves and the breeze running through the trees. If you’d prefer some music, make sure it’s neutral and non-repetitive. The aim of this soothing soak is to keep your mind open, not busy. Any temptation to hum along or sing will simply distract your mind from where it needs to be which is calm and centred. Perhaps try some soothing meditation or classical music.

Soak & Savour

Now you’re soaking away your stresses in the height of luxury, it’s time to pamper your skin. Our Kukui Oil Hand and Body Wash makes for the perfect accompaniment for your soothing soak. Kukui Oil is famed for its skin conditioning qualities and as well as this gorgeous natural oil, this product contains Aloe Vera which will further soothe the skin, leaving it feeling incredible. It is also infused with Vitamin E which is known to help protect the skin against free radical damage caused by pollution and the sun’s radiation. Use with a soft wash cloth, lather and apply to your skin. The scents of Gardenia, Rose, Bergamot and Jasmine will leave your skin delicately fragranced as well as soft and smooth.

After you’ve dried your body (pat down, don’t rub!), sit on the edge of the bath for a moment and then apply our Kukui Oil Hand & Body Lotion. Moisture can leave the skin quickly so it’s important to apply your lotion within the first 5 minutes of getting out of the bath. This seals the skin and with our signature scent, will give you the opportunity to enjoy our signature scent for longer.

Fragrance evokes such an emotive response to places, people and memories. Our entire collection is built around those from my own experiences, yet also from the importance of using incredible ingredients and the benefits that come with them.

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