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How can a reed diffuser change the ambiance of a room?

How can a reed diffuser change the ambiance of a room?

As most of us have spent the better part of a year in our homes, making it a comfortable and calm environment has never been more important.  Read on to find out why having a home fragrance should not be underestimated.

Why use a reed diffuser?

Why is there the need to ‘scent’ our home at all?  The power of different aromas has been well documented throughout history.  A particular fragrance has the ability to invoke emotions and memories, improve our mood, lower stress levels and enhance concentration. 

At Connock London we believe that having a signature scent plays a big part in creating a happy or calm environment in your home.  Using a reed diffuser is a great way to add a gentle fragrance and lift your surroundings.


What is a diffuser?

So what exactly is a diffuser?  They come in a variety of options, however there are two common diffuser types.  A reed diffuser uses natural or synthetic reeds placed in scented oils to disperse a fragrance throughout a room.  At Connock London we prefer natural ingredients therefore our Kukui Oil Fragrance Diffuser uses a blend of natural essential oils as well as rattan reeds to scent a room.

The second type is a plug in option which heats the oil in order to disperse its aroma more quickly throughout a space.  However they’re not the most environmentally friendly and as more oil is being dispersed more quickly, often won’t last as long.


How does a reed diffuser work?

As the oil is soaked up through the reeds it then evaporates and fills the air with tiny, breathable particles - another reason to use an eco-friendly, natural option.  These particles disperse throughout a room filling it with the aroma of the essential oils.

The scent of a diffuser will last as long as there is oil left in the holder.  A high quality diffuser will generally last 3-4 months and can be optimised by turning the reeds upside down when half the oil is remaining.

Although a lot of diffusers are eco-friendly, do not use energy and are made of natural or recyclable materials, it is important to be aware of those made using cheaper synthetic materials.  When we smell something it is because we have breathed in tiny particles of that substance, therefore steering away from man made chemicals and unnatural substances is a must.

At Connock London we offer a range of Home Fragrance options, including diffusers, scented candles and ceramics.

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